We are the Garys, we are goats. We are rambunctious, crazy, insanely cute and cuddly. Above all things, we love treats and attention. We came to M’s Mini Farm Summer 2021, as just wee little kids, born Spring 2021.

Meet the Garys

Some photos of our escapades, afterall we are goats...

Onyx looking cute in the grass
Look at me I'm a goat!
Big Gary with Flowers in his Hair
Hereford the Goat
Big Gary on a Spool
Just Gary Hanging out on a spool
All the Goats hanging out on their concrete mountain
The photogenic Ash Gary the Goat, looking sharp
Ash and Hereford laying in the hay
Big Gary the Goat Snuggles
The goats are out and about browsing
Unsuspecting Kitty and Curious Goats
Goats sticking their head through the slats on our pallet hay bin to for meal time
Just Gary and Farm Kitty
A quite young Just Gary